Discover more about the people you meet.

Zap helps you discover more about the professionals you meet by mining socio-economic values that match your own.

Turn encounters into conversations

Behind every success story there is a fortuitous meeting or an unexpected insight. We cherish chance encounters in our romantic lives, but mostly discount them professionally.

Zap turns acquaintances into strong connections by helping you exchange information in realtime using your phone. Once connected, we look for common tendencies in your online life to hinge conversations, make deeper connections, and develop a relationship.

  • Sign in with Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter
  • Share your digital card with anyone
  • We'll send you meeting recaps through email
  • Find out more about people by scanning their paper business cards
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Discover. Meet. Maintain.

Nothing beats an in person meeting. When you meet people we enhance the offline encounter and help you transfer your relationship online.

  • Flick your card to share it
  • Scan business cards
  • Lookup more about people using their email
  • Always remember where you met
  • Add notes to profiles
  • Contacts Sync with your CRM
  • Never carry around a business card again
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Want to customize your experience?

Request a custom zap card and we'll design it for you based on your branding.

Access people you meet from the web

Simple solution. Built for professionals.

We built Zap because we love meeting new people, but as our lives become more complicated it's become harder to keep track of people we meet. Give it a try, and let us know what you think!



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